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Trans Mental Health &
Gender-Affirming Therapy

Are you looking for a trans-affirming, knowledgeable therapist to help you explore your thoughts and feelings about your gender identity? Are you looking for ways to cope with gender dysphoria and build your self-esteem? Or, are you looking for counseling unrelated to your gender but you want to work with a trans-affirming therapist who won't pathologize your experiences?


I have worked closely with trans communities in individual, couple, family, and group therapy settings. I am trained in the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) standards of care. I provide gender-affirming therapy to transgender, gender diverse, gender queer, and non-binary clients of all backgrounds to help you to feel more confident, supported, and like your best self.

We can work together on topics such as:

  • Internalized transphobia

  • Coping with gender dysphoria

  • Processing thoughts and feelings about your gender

  • Setting boundaries

  • Building self-worth and self-acceptance

  • Working towards transition-related goals

  • Exploring options for gender-affirming care

  • Letter-writing for transitioning

  • Building coping skills to help you endure stressors

  • Challenging thoughts that get in the way of your goals

  • Strengthening self-compassion for shame resilience

  • Processing relationship concerns through individual or trans-affirming relationship therapy

I know that being trans is not the only part of your identity and that providing gender-affirming counseling doesn't have to mean focusing on your gender in therapy. I provide a warm, queer-affirming environment in which we can work on topics in addition to or unrelated to your gender such as coping skills, anxiety, depression, communication skills, and self-care.


Regardless of how you identify, you are trans enough and I’m here to provide a space that is affirming and supportive for you.

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A transmasculine gender-nonconforming pe

Relationship Counseling

One of my specialties is providing trans-affirming couples counseling (e.g., therapy with transitioning couples in which one partner is transgender and in transition and one partner is cisgender). Transition is a time of change and growth for both of you and for your relationship. Transition can be exciting but sometimes overwhelming and it can be hard to keep your relationship strong while dealing with change.


As a trans-affirming therapist, I’m committed to providing support for both of you during gender transition.

I started working with and researching couples in transition because of my own personal experiences with my wife’s transition process. Transition can be scary because of the narrative that couples in transition tend to break up. Well, I’m here to tell you that your relationship can grow stronger and even THRIVE during transition


In fact, in my doctoral research on couples in transition, what stood out to me the most was the resiliency transitioning couples demonstrated, individually and as a couple, as they experienced change. Within the sample I studied, most couples felt that they had strengthened their communication skills and the depth of their connection because of the challenges they worked through together.  I witnessed many stories of love, dedication, courage, authenticity, commitment, growth, and connection.


My approach when working with transitioning couples is built on research-based relational practices (Gottman Method Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy), integrated with tenants of affirming therapy practices, and informed by the experiences I’ve gained from working with trans couples and families over time. From my research and clinical work, what I have found that often helps couples thrive is working to improve communication and conflict resolution skills while building sources of support and resiliency for each partner. 


Affirming, supportive, strengths-based couples therapy is important to me as a relationship therapist and a spouse of a transgender loved one in transition, because of how pathologizing the world has historically been towards trans people and by extension, couples in transition.


We can navigate topics in relationship counseling such as:

  • improving communication and conflict resolution

  • uncertainty or worry about the future

  • strengthening trust

  • grief and loss

  • changes in your sexual relationship

  • planning for the future with teamwork

  • balancing one another’s needs during change

  • offering support to one another while maintaining important boundaries

  • co-parenting during transition

  • family planning

  • coping together with stressors

  • navigating homophobia and/or transphobia as a couple

  • gender-affirming therapy to explore your dreams and goals around transition


Regardless of what this transition journey means for you both, I’m here to help you to develop healthier communication skills to enhance trust, deepen your connection, and provide you with tools to work through challenges as a team.

Are you ready to begin gender-affirming therapy?

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