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Why try pre-marital counseling or  newlywed counseling?

Getting married is a huge transition!


Given the current divorce rates, there’s so much to consider with the blending of two families:

  • communication styles

  • resolving conflict in a healthy way that doesn’t build distrust or resentment

  • boundaries around relationships with in-laws

  • creating a shared roadmap for life

  • building routines that sustain your connection

  • protecting your relationship from stress

  • supporting one another’s dreams and ambitions

  • working as a team to achieve compromise

  • sustaining your connection, romance, and passion


Pre-marital counseling or newlywed counseling is a good fit for couples who are seeking couples therapy to start their marriage off on the best foot forward.


Being proactive in your relationship with couples counseling now can help you to thrive long after you say “I do.”

What can I expect from pre-marital counseling/ newlywed counseling?

In pre-marital counseling and newlywed counseling, we can either begin with a relational check-up, or with couples counseling.


I offer researched-based assessments from Gottman Method Therapy to give feedback on your relationship strengths and areas for improvement to help you and your partner sustain and strengthen your relationship.


From there, I offer traditional couples counseling and psychoeducation on what research has shown to build healthy relationships to teach you the tools to help your relationship grow and thrive.

Are you ready to try pre-marital counseling or newlywed counseling?

Bride and Groom in Nature
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