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Is relationship counseling a good fit for us?

Are you having what feels like the same arguments again and again? Does conflict feel hard to overcome? Have trust or feelings of security been damaged? Do you feel less connected to your partner? Maybe your relationship feels healthy but you'd like to know how you can better support one another and keep your relationship strong?


Relationship counseling (also known as couples counseling, marriage counseling, or couples therapy) is a good fit for those who need help communicating in a healthier way, becoming unstuck from patterns of conflict or disconnection, and strengthening their bond


What can I expect from relationship counseling?

Relationship counseling may include:

  • learning more effective communication skills

  • learning how to work through conflict healthily

  • strengthening your emotional connection

  • strengthening romance and sexual intimacy

  • developing skills to cope during conflict

  • working towards compromise

  • building healthier routines 

  • working towards a shared vision of the future

  • better understanding one another's needs that both of your feel heard, seen, and connected.

Through couples counseling, I offer researched-based assessments, coaching, and skill-building from Gottman Method Therapy to give feedback on your relationship strengths and areas for improvement to help you and your partner work to improve your relationship.


I will teach you tools in couples counseling to work toward your relationship goals.

Are you ready to learn how to communicate better and connect more deeply with your partner?

Loving Couple
Image by Ave Calvar
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